Embark on a journey of self discovery, where your only limits are the boundaries of your imagination. See how our creative designer pots and furniture can change your perceptions of the world and evoke new feelings of awe and excitement.

Uncover the amazing brands in our stunning product range:

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and public spaces that dare to be different. No place will go untouched when exposed to our beautiful products. Temporary exhibitions, tables and counters will exude professionalism in an easy and effortless way with our designer pots and furniture. Our products are a versatile option as they can easily be packed away, transported and stored. They are also a creative and affordable alternative to enliven a space without major remodeling.

Our bright and trendy designer pots and furniture are not only tough, safe, robust, easy to clean and long-lasting but they are also environmentally friendly, being made from recycled UV stablised polyethylene. Experience emotions of wonder mixed with contentment in the presence of our stunning products.

Our leading product range features work from the following designers:

  • Marc Sadler
  • Karim Raschid
  • Paola Navone
  • Marcel Wanders
  • Gianni Arnaudo
  • Jorge Najera
  • Odoardo Fioravant
  • Alberto Brogliato
  • Setsu & Shinobu Ito
  • Marco Zito

Seek out new dimensions to your life with our trendy designer pots and furniture. Our products will make your place worthy of the front page in any of the leading designer magazines. Surprise yourself, your friends and your work colleagues.

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