Vertical Garden

This brilliant version of green walls, by Joost Bakker, has taken its inspiration from both natural and man-made environments. Joost Bakker has fused the industrial vibes of the city with the temperament nature of the natural world to manifest a green wall that positively influences people’s lives, making them feel up-lifted and enlivened.

Schiavello© green walls are a creative option for enhancing workplace culture. These green walls will make workers feel motivated, in turn increasing their productivity. If space is an issue then a Schiavello© green wall is definitely the solution for you. With their vertical structure it is easy to put a large number of plants into your place without creating an un-walkable jungle. Schiavello© green walls are designed to be displayed as either a freestanding wall or column. Their structure is divided into a grid framework in which a great number of potted plants are slotted.

Whether your space is a corporate office or in hospitality, retail or residential, Schiavello© green walls will enrich your place with living sculpture that will create memorable experiences for everyone in its presence. Schiavello© green walls are a stunning concept that is flamboyant, trendy and bright.

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2000mm H x 200mm W

2500mm H x 225mm W

3000mm H x 250mm W


1000mm H x 1000mm W

2000mm H x 1000mm W

3000mm H x 1000mm W




Raw, black powder coated or galvanised


Terracotta, however can be personalised as required.